Alicia. Likes journalists with superhero names, valets who can manage, housemaids with detective skills, exiled knights, FBI agents with cortexiphan and drug dealers who knock.
shut up and deal

teamhousemaid replied to your post: All those ‘Hildegard’ photos reinforce my theory…

I kind of agree with that. It’s like they go out of their way to try and make her look unattractive. WHY?

They are just jelous. They have to deal with her perfection everyday and this is their revenge lol.

No, but really, usually these kind of pics are quite terrible (idk if it’s the photographer or the one who edits them). I mean they always look so unnatural. And if you add that dress and that hair…

They have good-looking people, god, it’s not that difficult to take some good photos. 

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